Watchlist 04-21

Getting back to some idea generation, and decided to provide a peek behind the curtain here at TVP headquarters.  These are stock ideas that I find attractive based on long term (10+ years, if applicable) volume profile analysis as well as presenting favourable (sic) patterns on the weekly charts.

These are not ‘hit and run’ type trades.  A few, if not all may take weeks/months prior to showing promise, but they are all offer very nice reward/risk at these current prices.

Below you will find daily charts with 4 ‘levels’ highlighted.  I have set a target price for each stock and have provided a stop level depending on what level of reward/risk you seek.  Using these levels, one can find candidates with a favorable reward for a set level of risk.

I realize this may be a bit confusing, so feel free to ask questions, and I’ll be happy to clarify.


AEIS Daily


ALKS Daily


BMY Daily


DECK Daily


DHI Daily


DXCM Daily


EHTH Daily


GCAP Daily


LIOX Daily


LVS Daily


MASI Daily


NVAX Daily


PHM Daily


RBCN Daily


RUTH Daily


WM Daily

2 thoughts on “Watchlist 04-21

  1. williamn

    i’m trying to learn volume profile trading but applied to futures, how are you selecting your trades and where did you learn because your track record is fantastic.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Applying the volume profile to stocks versus futures is a bit different.

      The availability of data used to develop the futures volume profile is far more sophisticated than what I am using for stocks. For stocks I use as long of a time frame as my charting service will provide, which usually ends up being a monthly chart.

      I am looking for price ‘regions’ where there has historically been a ‘void’ of volume. I believe that this void leads to a supply/demand imbalance, whereby the price of a stock (in this case) can be move through that region with little resistance due to dearth of historical market participants. Basically, if few people have owned a stock in this area, there will be little impetus to sell a stock that is surging higher, thus creating the supply/demand imbalance.

      I also have found that using the long term volume profile can help to define levels of support and resistance.

      Over time I have also noticed that stocks tend to exhibit similar behaviors right on the cusp of these ‘voids’, but haven’t had the time to delve into a way to trade that observation.


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